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We are your comprehensive solution for payroll, compliance, and risk management services. Our commitment is to provide seamless support to startups, staffing companies, and employers, allowing them to focus on their core business while we handle the intricacies of workforce management.

Direct Hire Services

Why Choose Our Direct Hire Services?

Direct Hire Services at Good Labor Jobs streamline the recruitment process for permanent positions, offering a seamless pathway for employers to find top talent and for candidates to land their dream jobs. Our industry-specific recruiters work closely with clients to understand their unique needs, ensuring the perfect match between the company and candidate.

  • Expert Matching

    Leveraging our proprietary recruiting pipeline to ensure the ideal fit between candidates and companies.

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  • Industry Specialization

    Deep knowledge across various sectors, including industrial, tech, healthcare, and hospitality.

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  • Speed and Efficiency

    Reducing time-to-hire while maintaining the highest standards of candidate quality.

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Staffing Services

Benefits of Our Staffing Services

Good Labor Jobs' Staffing Services are designed to fill temporary, temp-to-hire, and specialized positions across a wide range of industries. Whether you're looking to manage seasonal demand, explore potential permanent hires through temp-to-hire opportunities, or find specialized temporary talent, our staffing services offer flexible, efficient solutions.

  • Flexibility

    Tailored staffing solutions to meet dynamic business needs.

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  • Risk Mitigation

    Temp-to-hire options to assess fit before making a permanent offer.

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  • Comprehensive Support

    From recruitment to placement, we handle the details, so you can focus on your core business.

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Staffing Services

Payroll and Compliance

Complementing our staffing services, Good Labor Jobs offers Payroll, Compliance, and Risk Management Services to alleviate the administrative burdens associated with employment. From payroll processing to tax compliance and healthcare plan management, we ensure your workforce management is smooth, compliant, and efficient.

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  • Payroll Processing

    Accurate calculation of wages, deductions, and net pay.

  • Tax Administration

    Management of payroll tax filing and compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

  • Benefit Management

    Administration of employee healthcare plans and customized retirement plans, including 401(k)s.

  • Planning for the Future

    Customized retirement plans, including 401(k) as well as Federal Wage and Tax Statements (W2).

Our Process

Filling Your Staffing Needs

  • 01

    Connect With Us

    Call us, email us, or submit the form on our contact page. We also invite you to follow us on our social media pages.

  • 02

    Customize a Plan

    We assess the needs of your company and plan for the best way to serve you and your employees.

  • 03

    Review Our Pricing

    Mutually decide what is best for your company based on our pricing packages.

  • 04

    Provide Support

    Begin our relationship as a comprehensive solution for your staffing needs.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Good Labor Jobs?

  • 01

    Experience: Good Labor Jobs boasts over 20 years of staffing industry leadership.

  • 02

    Customization: Tailored solutions to fit the precise needs of clients and candidates.

  • 03

    Support: Comprehensive support services, from job placement to payroll and compliance.


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