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About Good Labor Jobs

Welcome to Good Labor Jobs, where our commitment to excellence and service has positioned us as the premier choice for Puerto Rican, migrant, and non-US labor recruitment for over twenty years. Our mission goes beyond mere job placement; it's about enhancing lives and strengthening communities by providing meaningful employment opportunities throughout the United States.

  • At the heart of Good Labor Jobs is our unwavering mission: "To serve others in all we do." This philosophy is underpinned by our core values of integrity, humility, passion, accountability, perseverance, innovation, and teamwork. These principles guide our actions and decisions, ensuring we consistently exceed the expectations of our customers, employees, and the communities we serve. Continue scrolling to Meet Our Team to learn more about the people who embody these values every day, or discover how these principles shape Our Services.

  • From our modest beginnings in 2000, Good Labor Jobs has grown from staffing local businesses to becoming a pivotal player in the staffing industry, placing thousands in jobs from multibillion-dollar industrial factories to mom-and-pop shops in landscaping, construction, and hospitality. Read our success stories to see how we've made a difference.

  • We believe in the power of work to transform lives. Our purpose is to improve lives by offering fair, desirable work opportunities at outstanding companies. Rooted in honesty, integrity, and maturity, we strive to give everyone a fair chance to showcase their qualifications to employers. Explore Career Opportunities or learn about our Community Involvement.

  • Our goal is clear: to be recognized by our customers and employees as the number one service provider in the staffing industry. We are committed to retaining the best people, being a training and learning organization, and maintaining best practice standards. See how our Services are making an impact or browse our Insights and Inspiration.

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Why Choose Us

Why Partner with Good Labor Jobs Staffing and Recruiting

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    Extensive Industry Experience

    Our longevity in the field has equipped us with the knowledge and expertise to navigate the complexities of staffing and recruitment, ensuring we match you with the perfect opportunity.

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    Proprietary Recruiting Pipeline

    Our unique recruiting process is designed to connect you with leading companies across the United States.

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    Comprehensive Support Services

    We offer ongoing assistance with training, integration, and career development to ensure you're set up for success from day one and continue to thrive in your role.

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    Commitment to Employee Growth

    Through training programs, professional development opportunities, and mentorship, we invest in your future, helping you to move up and forward in your career.

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    High Standards of Integrity and Maturity

    Our core values of honesty, integrity, and maturity are at the heart of everything we do.

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    Proven Track Record of Success

    With a high rate of employee satisfaction and numerous success stories, our track record demonstrates our ability to consistently deliver results that exceed expectations.

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