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Let Good Labor Handle Payroll While You Grow Your Business

Good Labor

Good Labor Jobs offers a complete approach to payroll for startups, staffing companies, and employers that want to focus on their job rather than payroll services, employees are paid on time - every time. Some of the items included in payroll services are as follows:​

  • Employee on boarding, I9, and State specific tax forms
  • Calculating Gross Pay, Deductions, and Net Pay
  • Processing and Delivering Payroll
  • Elimination of ALL Payroll Tax Filing and other required reports on weekly, monthly, annual. or quarterly basis.
  • Employee Healthcare plan management
  • 401(k) and other customized retirement plans
  • Deductions for uniforms, vehicles, loans, etc
  • E-Verify and background checks
  • Federal Wage and Tax statements - W2

Good Labor

Good Labor Jobs makes sure all employees are held in compliance with federal, state, and local employment regulations. These regulations include items like the following:​

  • FICA, Social Security, FUTA and other federal employment requirements.
  • State Withholding and Unemployment solutions for every state in America.
  • American With Disability, Fair Labor Standards, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and any other program ensuring a fair and transparent work environment.
  • Unemployment protest claims, child support, wage garnishments and all other employee claims.
  • Puerto Rico - Law 87 for recruiting workers from the United States territory of Puerto Rico.

Good Labor
Risk Management

Good Labor Jobs is an expert at reducing and managing labor risk through customized plans and site visits. In an effort to reduce workplace injuries and downtime Good Labor Jobs provides customized workman comp solutions for employers. Good Labor Jobs's goal is to provide a safe working environment while ensuring that workers are covered in the event of an injury.

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