July Employee of the Month

For the month of July, we proudly introduce you to our employee of the month: Keishla Marie Monsegur Santana.

Keishla tells us that she wants to stand out in life and get her family ahead, and for that reason she chose work with Good Labor Jobs.  With our help she can work towards having her own home. Keishla says that working in housekeeping she has improved her communication skills, especially with guests, and she enjoys helping them feel at home. She likes that there is something new for her to learn every day. Even though Keishla wants to provide more for herself, she is also very generous. She tells us that if she won the lottery, she would use the money to help her family, people in need, and especially the people of Puerto Rico. We also asked her if she could meet any celebrity, who would she choose and why? She said, “Lady Gaga, because she was able to overcome a lot when no one believed in her.” Keishla hopes to do the same. With all the hard work and effort that she puts in to her job, Keishla will be able to reach her goals and more. Congratulations on your achievement Keishla, we are proud to have you on our team!

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