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Matching Puerto Ricans
with good jobs for more than 20 years
We specialize in recruiting Puerto Rican laborers to fill quality jobs in the United States, and have the 20-year track record to prove it.
Connect with one of our recruiters and find a job today.
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Good Labor Jobs
We support Puerto Rican laborers by matching them with honest work from employers all across the United States and assisting them with the relocation process. Our employees complete an in-person or phone interview, pass a background check and drug test, and are approved to leave Puerto Rico. Good Labor Jobs assists employees during the relocation process and does everything in our power to ensure the success and well-being of our employees at their new jobs.
Connect with one of our recruiters and find a job today.
Jobs we offer
Good Labor Jobs employees can expect fair wages and honest work. We have something for everyone, offering a variety of positions for unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled workers. Our network of employers has positions available in landscaping, construction, hospitality, and more.
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Let Good Labor Jobs get you to work!
Our network of
Good Labor Jobs supports businesses in all industries across the U.S. who have difficulty finding labor locally. From large corporations to mom-and-pop operations, we supply laborers with all ranges of skill sets and experience levels, from two employees to hundreds.
We serve our customers by recruiting employees that we believe are a good fit for their respective businesses. Our goal is to provide customers with labor solutions that help them achieve more.
recruiting employees from puerto rico
We can help. Contact us today to experience the difference of working with Good Labor Jobs.
We have placed
4983 workers and counting
Our employees are excited and ready to get to work. There’s no job too big or too small; we have the people to meet your labor needs. Contact us and let’s get your business back to work.
Get to know
our team
Account Manager
Christopher manages the Good Labor Jobs accounts in Branson, Missouri. He sees first-hand how a job can change someone’s life and is excited to help you make that change.
Throughout an extensive career in the financial and facility services industries, Coby’s passion is to lead and develop hard working, passionate people with a mission to exceed all expectations of the customer, our employees, and our communities by serving with integrity and respect for others.
Kevin serves as an operations director for Good Labor Jobs making focusing on strategic plans for recruiting in Puerto Rico, Domincan Republic, Belize, Costa Rica and other countries.
Marisol handles communication with prospective employees, answering questions and recruiting the best Puerto Rican employees to join our team.
Financial Officer
Matt oversees all areas of Good Labor Jobs, provides our customers with labor solutions that help them achieve more and supports our employees by matching them with good opportunities.
Business Development
Wyatt works day in day out to generate new business leads for our employees, and serves as your first stop for learning more about the business.
Benefits of Puerto Rican Labor featured in Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, PBS and many other sources!