Employee Spotlight – Efrain Lugo Orengo

Today we would like to highlight another successful Good Labor employee.  Efrain Lugo Orengo started out his employment with Good Labor feeling shy and not confident in himself and his abilities- but thanks to his training and his hard work, he is now an integral part of our company.  He arranges transportation for all of the workers at his location and his coworkers and employer depend on him.  Lugo appreciates how this opportunity has allowed him to become financially independent and to grow his self confidence.  Thank you, Lugo, for choosing to work with Good Labor Jobs- we are so happy to have you on the team!.

Employee Spotlight: Jorge Alicea

Today we are shining a spotlight on Jorge Alicea.  Jorge is a diligent and upstanding worker.  He is grateful to have this opportunity and we are so grateful to have such a motivated worker on our team.  He started his housekeeping position as a contract worker and has been such an asset to his employer that they wanted to bring him on full time.  His coworkers speak highly of him and we know we are lucky to have him.  Jorge is just another great example of an excellent Puerto Rican worker, excelling in his chosen industry because of his hard work.

Employee Spotlight – Jasmine Sepulveda

Jasmine Sepulveda transitioned from her role as a entry level housekeeper to a leading dispatcher. Good Labor staffed her at a Wisconsin resort in 2019 and she now works full time for that same resort on their payroll! Her hard work and determination is one of the many amazing attributes of that Puerto Rican workers possess. Jasmine enjoys working in the hotel and hospitality industry and she looks to grow her career further into a front desk or leadership position. Jasmine is one of the many Good Labor success stories in the hospitality industry, and we are excited to watch her career blossom. Keep up the great work Jasmine!

November Employee of the Month

Good Labor Jobs is please to announce Jaime Javier Rolon Robles, as the employee of the month for November.
Jaime tells us that he is grateful to Good Labor Jobs for giving him a chance to excel, progress, and change his life. Not only is Jamie building trusses in Wyoming he is also building a reputation as a reliable employee that demonstrates great work ethic. Jaime’s supervisor mentioned that he is always willing to do what needs to be done to get the job completed. Jaime’s family is his motivation for him as he wants them to see his success and grow into a family of reliable and dillgent workers. Jaime says that Wyoming is much different from Puerto Rico, but he wouldn’t trade this opportunity for anything.

Thanks Jamie you are another terrific example for why Puerto Rico staffing can meet the needs of employers all over the United States.

Congratulations and keep up the hard work!

September Employee of the Month

We proudly introduce you to the employee of the month for September: Miguel Angel Maldonado Sanchez.
Miguel is a construction worker and heavy machinery operator in Vermont. While working with Good Labor Jobs – Miguel has been able to help his family and improve his life through steady employment. Though ht did not have a construction background his past work as a landscaper and factory worker provided skills for operating machinery. Miguel believes that everything happens for a reason so he wouldn’t change his past and excited about his future. Advice Miguel would give other employees is to focus and work for a better future. Good Labor Jobs appreciates and appreciates Miguel’s effort. We hope you meet and achieve your goals and achieve what you want. Congratulations Miguel Angel Maldonado Sanchez.


Good Labor Jobs would like to recognize the hard work and effort of Jose Torres. Jose is from Puerto Rico and he was recruited and started working for Good Labor Jobs in June of 2018. When he started he was hired has an entry level worker doing tasks like painting and treating parts, setting up machines, and robotic welding. He took that starting point as an opportunity to train and develop into a Class A Welder! Jose is just one of the many welding success stories at Good Labor Jobs. He is a wonderful example of the ideal just how great Puerto Rican labor staffing can be, and is exactly what Good Labor seeks and strives to employ. He is determined to learn and train to be the best, and consistent in his approach to show up and work hard. Good Labor is always seeking to recruit, hire, and place welders and skilled manufacturers like Jose so if you fit this mold contact us today. Congrats Jose – you make our company special!

August Employee of the Month

Today we celebrate our August Employee of the Month Angel Cancel Ortiz! Angel works as an electrical contractor in North Carolina, however he has also worked for us in Ohio, Louisiana, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. Angel has incredible work ethic and attitude always willing to do what is needed to get a job done. Good Labor Jobs hired Angel when he was in Puerto Rico looking for work in the electrician feed, and when we told him of the opportunity he took it immediately. Angel is the type of employee that we like to celebrate at Good Labor Jobs. He doesn’t miss work and he wants to learn and grow into different roles. Angel told us that his main motivation is his career and the benefits that it can give to his friends and family in Puerto Rico. We are so lucky to have hired Angel over the last few years and we look forward to many more years together. Thanks for being such a special part of hire team Angel!

July Employee of the Month

For the month of July, we proudly introduce you to our employee of the month: Keishla Marie Monsegur Santana.

Keishla tells us that she wants to stand out in life and get her family ahead, and for that reason she chose work with Good Labor Jobs.  With our help she can work towards having her own home. Keishla says that working in housekeeping she has improved her communication skills, especially with guests, and she enjoys helping them feel at home. She likes that there is something new for her to learn every day. Even though Keishla wants to provide more for herself, she is also very generous. She tells us that if she won the lottery, she would use the money to help her family, people in need, and especially the people of Puerto Rico. We also asked her if she could meet any celebrity, who would she choose and why? She said, “Lady Gaga, because she was able to overcome a lot when no one believed in her.” Keishla hopes to do the same. With all the hard work and effort that she puts in to her job, Keishla will be able to reach her goals and more. Congratulations on your achievement Keishla, we are proud to have you on our team!

Contact us today if you also want to change your life.

June Employee of the Month

For the month of June, we proudly present to you the employee of the month: Kenneth Clarence Adolphus Reyes.

Kenneth explains that he likes his housekeeping job because it is very diverse and there are many areas to work in.  He likes to work with his friends and motivate them.  Kenneth says if it were up to him, everyone would receive “employee of the month” recognition because he is part of a very hardworking team.  Your goal with the experience of good work jobs is a day to be a manager, with a lot of dedication and effort he will achieve it. He tells us that while working he has been able to improve his communications ability with the other workers and with the guests.  To get to know a little more about Kenneth we asked him, “What would you do with one million dollars?”  He answers us that he would like to help his country and help people in need.  He would build a rehabilitation center, give them clothing, food, and everything they needed.  Kenneth is more than a worker, he is a dedicated, reliable, and good hearted person, and we are very lucky to have him on our team.  Congratulations Kenneth Clarence Adolphus Reyes!

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May Employee of the Month

For the month of May, we are excited to introduce you to our employee of the month: Arian Manuel Martinez Mojica.
Arian tells us that the onboarding process was smooth as was his journey to his job location. He said the availability of Good Labor Jobs was immediate and helpful.  Arian likes his job because it’s at a very diverse company there is always something new to do.  He says there’s variety and many different opportunities.  On his days off, he says that he likes to watch tv shows, cook, and to spend time outside.  Arian likes to dance and is very good at the salsa, but in hours of work he is very determined.  Arian knows that with family as your motivator, you can excel in life.  Congratulations Arian Manuel Martinez Mojica!

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