About us

At Good Labor Jobs: Staffing and Recruiting

Our goal is to provide:

Quality jobs and improve the lives of workers by offering fair and desirable work in at outstanding companies across the United States. Everything we do is based on our core values of honesty, integrity, and maturity. We give everyone a fair opportunity to show employers that they are the right person for the job.

Labor solutions to businesses in need of hiring quality employees that are not available in their local area. Through our proprietary recruiting pipeline, superior service, and integrated business solutions we offer a full variety of staffing and hiring options to companies of any size in any city.

Good Labor Jobs is an industry leader in Puerto Rican recruiting. For over 20 years, we have staffed employees at multibillion-dollar industrial factories to mom and pop landscaping, construction, and hospitality companies. Our cost-effective service and consultative expertise have made us the preferred choice for alternatives to small recruiting pools, H2B lotteries, and J1 visa restrictions.\n

Purpose Statement

“To serve others in all we do.”

Mission Statement

To be a company that will exceed all expectations of our customers, employees, and community through the way we serve with integrity and respect for others.

Our Goal

To be recognized by our customers and employees as the number one service provider in the staffing industry. To Accomplish Our Goal Retain the best people in the industry. Be a training and learning organization. Create a work environment that exceeds expectations. To react to relevant information in a timely manner. Maintain best practice standards throughout all we do.

Our Values


Our Owners Values

Be faithful and obedient to God
Be respectful to help and develop all people
Be committed to excellence
Be committed to service
Be a person of character

Get to know
our team
Throughout an extensive career in the financial and facility services industries, Coby’s passion is to lead and develop hard working, passionate people with a mission to exceed all expectations of the customer, our employees, and our communities by serving with integrity and respect for others.
Financial Officer
Matt oversees all areas of Good Labor Jobs, provides our customers with labor solutions that help them achieve more and supports our employees by matching them with good opportunities.
Kevin serves as an operations director for Good Labor Jobs making focusing on strategic plans for recruiting in Puerto Rico, Domincan Republic, Belize, Costa Rica and other countries.
Gremiel works in our Ponce office helping our team interview and source the right candidates for jobs. Gremiel’s background in career development lends itself well to working with candidates to help them navigate the process of growing with Good Labor to new jobs and opportunities.
Sales Manager
Sabrina has a passion for seeing businesses thrive through staffing. She enjoys learning about every aspect of operations to see how partnerships can be forged between clients and contractors.
Account Manager
Christopher manages the Good Labor Jobs accounts in Branson, Missouri. He sees first-hand how a job can change someone’s life and is excited to help you make that change.
Missouri Manager
Starting off as a housekeeper, Yesenia has been a part of the Good Labor team for 4 years. She is driven to see her people succeed and clients happy.
Sales Manager
Wyatt works day in day out to generate new business leads for our employees, and serves as your first stop for learning more about the business.