Agriculture & Farm Workers

We specialize in recruiting workers with skills in farming, crop harvesting, cattle farming, and other agriculture fields.

We understand that current demand for qualified workers in the farming industry has been on the rise. Unfortunately, many farmers struggle to find the help they need. Especially during peek seasons, shortage of skilled labor becomes apparent.

With our unique approach to recruiting we can provide workers for your business regardless of season or demand. Most of our workers come from Puerto Rico, where farming and agriculture is well developed. Many of our recruits have lifelong experience working in the field.

Construction: Builders and General labor workers

Construction is one of the toughest and hardest fields to recruit qualified help. In the United States the construction industry is slowly recovering. This means less and less of the skilled workforce will be available.

Good Labor Inc. discovered an opportunity in recruiting unemployed construction workers in Puerto Rico, where construction field does not provide enough jobs. All of our recruits have various levels of skills and possess different qualifications to suit your contract needs.

Get in touch with us and we will gladly discuss any special requirements for your project.

Factory: Packaging, Manufacturing, Assembly Line Workers

When it comes to providing factory workers, Good Labor takes recruiting to the next level. We select recruits from various skill levels. From packing and packaging to conveyor belt operators as well as assembly line engineers.

With the manufacturing industry rapidly growing, the United States is experiencing a shortage of qualified workers. We understand that seamless production is important to our client, thus dedicated and hardworking employees are essential to streamlined operation.

One of the more costly problems is operating short on staff. If your manufacturing business is operating with insufficient staff, please call us and we can get you the necessary workers within few weeks!

Hospitality: Housekeeping, Janitorial, and Hospitality Workers

For long time, hospitality industry has been working with staffing companies. Due to seasonality of this industry, the hiring and re-hiring process can become very expensive.

Because Good Labor is constantly recruiting new labor we have constant supply of housekeepers ready to begin work at any time for any period of time. Many of our housekeepers return to the same employer the each new season.

To discuss your seasonal or permanent needs for hospitality workers contact us.

Other Positions & Various General Labor

With the dynamic recruiting approach, Good Labor is keeping up with current demand trends. Many emerging fields such as crab packaging, trucking, retail sales, and many others have increased the demand for qualified labor

To match your business needs, we can put together a custom recruiting plan for you. You can use our contact page to reach us.

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